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Themed Learning Communities

Themed Learning Communities (TLCs) engage students, faculty, librarians, advisors, and others in a community of learners that explore interdisciplinary connections, both in and out of the classroom, which foster enriching learning experiences.

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2016 TLC Retreat
Look for information soon on the 2016 TLC Retreat!

Related First-Year Programs

Summer Bridge Program

Nearly a third of the TLCs take part in the Summer Bridge Program, which begins two weeks before the semester begins in August.

First-Year Seminar

Every TLC includes a first-year seminar. Upon entering IUPUI, all incoming students with less than 17 credits are required to enroll in a first-year seminar, whether it is through their individual schools or through University College. Each first-year seminar has an instructional team led by a faculty member, an advisor, and a student mentor, which allows incoming students to have the support they need to begin their college careers.