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About TLCs

A Themed Learning Community (TLC) is two or more discipline-based courses and a first-year seminar that a group of 25 students enroll in together, forming a tight-knit community of learners. The TLC faculty work as a team to explore the TLC theme in each course, helping students make connections between courses that might otherwise seem disconnected. TLC teams also seek out co-curricular experiences that take learning beyond the classroom.

Whether you have a major in mind or are exploring your options, your orientation advisor can help you pick a TLC that will work for your degree program. Some schools offer TLCs designed for their majors, while other TLCs are designed for multiple majors or exploratory students. Each TLC offers courses from the list of IUPUI general education core courses, so if you change majors the credits you earn in your TLC can count towards your degree.