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About TLCs

What is a TLC?

A Themed Learning Community, or TLC, is a group of 3-5 classes connected by a theme in which students co-enroll. Each TLC includes a freshman seminar course taught by an instructional team consisting of faculty, a librarian, an academic advisor and a student mentor. TLCs are offered to incoming freshman in their Fall semester. In addition, each TLC is capped at 25 students, so students will be with the same 25 students in their classes. To see the 2016-2017 TLC course offerings click here.

Why should I enroll in a TLC?

With the small class sizes (limited to 25 students), active learning opportunities (field trips, service learning, etc.), and support from the instructional team, TLCs offer a unique opportunity for incoming freshman students to create a smooth transition into college. Students will also be with the same 25 students in their TLC courses so they will have the opportunity to build long-lasting friendships!

There is no additional cost and TLCs include general courses that will count towards your degree. Learn more about why you should enroll in a TLC here.

When can I enroll in a TLC?

TLCs are offered Fall semester of the freshman year. You can enroll in a TLC during orientation with your advisor.

How do I enroll in a TLC?

Students will have the chance to enroll in a TLC when they meet with their advisors during orientation. If you didn't enroll in a TLC during orientation and are interested in enrolling, please contact your advisor here and they will be able to assist you.

Is there an additional cost?

There is no additional cost associated with enrolling in a TLC. You will be paying for the courses the same way you would if you enrolled in each course separately.

Do I have to live on campus?

You are not required to live on campus to be in a TLC. Also, TLCs are different from the Office of Housing and Residence Life Residential Based Learning Communities.

Do I have to have a declared major?

Students do not have to have a declared major to enroll in a TLC. Some schools offer TLCs designed for their majors, while other TLCs are designed for multiple majors or exploratory students. Each TLC offers courses from the list of IUPUI general education core courses, so if you change your major the credits you earn in your TLC can count towards your degree. Whether you have a major in mind or are exploring your options, your orientation advisor can help you pick a TLC that will work for you. You can contact your advisor here.

Still have questions? Feel free to contact us at tlcs@iupui.edu.