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About TLCs

Students choose to enroll in a TLC for many different reasons. Being part of a TLC means being enrolled in the courses included in the TLC. Some students like the idea of having the same group of students in a few classes. Others like how the classes are intertwined with an overall theme. Students can also enroll in a TLC relating to their major as well. Most enroll in a TLC that just sounds exciting to them!

Small Class Size

All TLCs are restricted to less than 25 students. This smaller class size allows students an opportunity to build friendships with each other early in their first semester. Being a new student in college may be overwhelming at times, but enrolling in just a few courses with the same students allows them to develop familiarity with the campus and become part of their new campus community.

Active Learning

All TLC instructional teams are encouraged to engage in learning experiences outside of the classroom. In the past, TLC participants have attended plays, musicals, sporting events, and festivals. The Indianapolis Museum of Art, Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art, and Indiana Medical History Museum are often visited as well. Many TLC participants have been involved in volunteer and service learning opportunities, both on campus and in the greater Indianapolis community.


Each TLC brings together the collaboration of faculty, an advisor, a student mentor, and a librarian who work together to create a program that helps support incoming first-year students. Many students who have enrolled in a TLC have found that the comfortable environment allows them to make close connections with faculty and advisors as well as their peers.

Grades and Graduation

Students who have completed a TLC generally receive better grades than students who are not part of the TLC program. TLC participants are also more likely to stay in school. For further information, please visit the Institutional Research and Decision Support site.