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Faculty Resources

Teaching in a TLC provides faculty an opportunity to engage in teaching in a collaborative and interdisciplinary way. Working together, the faculty team provides the direction and curricular connections to support exploration of an interdisciplinary theme through course materials, assignments, discussions, and both classroom and out-of-classroom activities. Teaching in a TLC has the power to transform faculty teaching pedagogies and curricular approach and can lead to new cross-disciplinary connections and theoretical development.

There are five attributes of TLCs that faculty teams will incorporate in their planning:

  • The interdisciplinary theme shapes each TLC course's design.
  • Integration of course content in each TLC course is intentional; the design of each course encourages integrative thinking in students.
  • Co-curricular activities enhance the academic content, integrative thinking, and the interdisciplinary theme.
  • Active learning strategies are central to each TLC course.
  • Faculty collaboration fosters an integrative approach to teaching, exploration of the TLC theme, planned co-curricular experiences, and student development.

The TLC program office provides opportunities for faculty development, beginning with the spring TLC retreat and continuing throughout the year. There are multiple funding opportunities for activities outside the classroom, and the TLC program office can provide logistical support to TLC teams for activities.

Use the documents below to aid in your TLC planning: