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Teaching in a Themed Learning Community

Teaching in a themed learning community (TLC) is an opportunity to engage in a collaborative and interdisciplinary way. Working together, the faculty team provides the direction and curricular connections to support student learning through course materials, assignments, discussions, and out-of-classroom activities. Teaching in a TLC transforms faculty teaching pedagogies and curricular approach and leads to new cross-disciplinary connections.

Faculty teams incorporate these five attributes of themed learning communities in their planning:

  • Interdisciplinary theme shapes the design of each themed learning community course.
  • Integration of course content in each themed learning community course is intentional; the design of each course encourages integrative thinking in students.
  • Out-of-class activities enhance the academic content, integrative thinking, and exploration of the interdisciplinary theme.
  • Active learning strategies are central to each themed learning community course.
  • Faculty collaboration fosters an integrative approach to teaching, exploration of the theme, planned out-of-class experiences, and student development.

Click below to see the full TLC high-impact practice taxonomy for more details.

See the practice taxonomy


Need funds for a learning activity?

  • Request up to $500
  • Support in- or out-of-class activities
  • Request funds two weeks prior to the proposed activity
  • Get logistical support

Teams will be contacted by the TLC office within a week of requesting funds to help plan the logistics and funding of your activity. If you are unable to submit a request at least two weeks in advance, please contact the TLC office.

NOTE: This TLC activity fund is not to purchase classroom food or refreshments, but to engage students in learning experiences related to the theme.